Punch is not just an bookkeeping firm. We are your strategic business partner.

Most small business owners come to us because they don’t want someone to just “close their books”, they need real world experience and financial strategy.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), more than half of small businesses fail in the first five years. Why? Well its very simple, most businesses fail because of poorly managed cash and lack of excellent financial business acumen. 

By bringing in an experienced CFO and bookkeeping team into your business, you are already doing a lot more than most business owners.  You have increased your chances of succeeding exponentially.

What we do:

General Business Guidance

With regular financial reviews, we save you time and money by providing excellent financial guidance backed by real-world business experience.

Analysis of Financial Statements

Each month, an experienced CFO walks you through every facet of your financial statements to help you better understand your own financials and teaches you what to focus on to maximize profitability.

Planning & Budgeting

We help you prepare budget vs. actual reporting to help with long and short-term forecasting.

Board Reporting and Representation

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to fund your business or preparing for an acquisition, we can help. We know what your investors and acquirers are looking for in your financial statements so we can help you be better prepared. 

Fundraising Planning and Support

We provide guidance on raising capital via debt or equity financing.

Exit Strategy and Support (M&A and IPO)

We walk you through the entire process and provide you with a focused strategy.

Our outsourced CFO’s can provide you with high-level financial strategy without the cost of a comparably-experienced in-house hire.


"Having a fractional CFO made all of the difference as we scaled our company,  Punch's advice has been a huge factor in helping us to achieve profitability".