We provide you with the key metrics to help you understand your business

The reality is most business owners do not know which business metrics they should be monitoring and at what frequency.  If you do not know your business’s metrics, then how can you make timely adjustments to help improve your business’s profitability? 

Punch works with the team to help identify the metrics to measure, how to measure them, and how to report them in a timely manner so corrective business decisions can be made. A pilot cannot fly a plane without instruments to tell him/her key metrics like speed, direction, and altitude.  

Our goal is to help create management dashboards to help you manage your business’s performance. What will you measure? Who will do it in the organization? How often? What tools should be used.  These are all important details that you should know about your business. 

What we do:

Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow

It is not enough to look at your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. It’s important to do it timely, make adjustments quickly, and know how you can improve over time. 

Gross Margin & Net Income

Without a healthy gross margin, it is next to impossible to have a healthy profit. At Punch, we like to reverse engineer your targets based upon where you would like to be with profit.  From there, we can set benchmarks for each category on your financial statements.

Cash Burn

If you do not know where your money is being spent, then how can you reduce your expenses?  The same holds true with your revenue. If you do not know which product or service provides the healthiest margin, then you do not know which product/service you should be focused on selling, correct? Punch helps you analyze all of those items. 


As an owner, you should know exactly what level of sales each month (with margin) you need to achieve to cover all of your fixed costs. By knowing your break even point, the team will know what targets they should be focused on for revenue and sales. 


"Our growth in the SAAS space was highly dependent on key metrics that Punch has provided, they provided us guidance that we couldn't get anywhere else.