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Is Your CPA Just a Tax Guy? You Deserve Better


We hear it all the time from our clients, customers, and friends. They’re all sick of their “tax guy” - a CPA who they feel their business is spending way too much of their budget on just to file tax returns and not much else.

This sort of situation is a huge disservice both to your company and to CPAs in general. Your CPA shouldn’t just be a “tax guy” - this isn’t the best use of your money. We’ll give you a quick rundown of all the things a CPA can do for your company beyond just being a tax accountant. But first, we’ll give a quick explanation of the different specialties a CPA can bring to the table.

What Are The Specialties of CPAs? 

CPAs specialize in many different aspects of accounting, and the skills you’ll want to leverage will change over the lifecycle of your business. These are the primary skill sets of CPAs you may want to considering drawing upon:

Financial Planning and Forecasting

A financial planning accountant is one that focuses on financial strategy. These kinds of CPAs don’t just handle your books - they’ll be able to analyze your accounting in order to give recommendations on where to take your business in the future. This level of financial accounting could include recommendations on purchases, potential partners or investors. 

Project Accounting

A project accountant is, as the name suggests, focused on a particular project. They’ll handle everything related to that project - cost, invoicing, expenses, payroll, budget planning, and even deadlines. Project accounting is more a specialization than a title, and may or may not be done by a CPA. 

Cost Accounting

Cost Accountants are generally CPAs, and specialize in (as the name suggests) costs. This means that they’ll focus on analyzing every single expense on your supply chain, and look for ways to tweak your profitability. As you can imagine, this can be a massive undertaking, and this is one of the most in-depth levels of accounting out there. 

Investment Accounting

Among the CPA categories, investment accountants work in some of the most intense environments. This type of accounting is done in businesses that deal with finance, investment, brokerage, and asset management. 

Being an investment accountant isn’t just about knowing accounting, but also being knowledgeable about stocks, bonds, and funds. Investment accounting involves a lot more financial prediction and planning than other categories. Many investment accountants have earned their CPAs to keep ready for this fast-paced environment. 

Forensic Accounting

Among all the types of accountants, forensic accountants are among the most diligent. Forensic accountants will go through your financial records to ensure total compliance. If you are looking for errors, omissions, or fraud, forensic accounting is the skillset you want. 

If you are making any kind of acquisition, or just feel that your business needs its books tightened, a forensic accountant can help uncover the accounting truth.

Tax Accounting

Alright, you got us. Sometimes, what you do need is a tax accountant. As your company grows in assets and employees, you may find it increasingly difficult to track what is taxed, and what is tax-deductible. A good tax accountant will be able to put the most money in your pocket when it comes to tax time. Many tax accountants will be CPAs and be able to leverage their knowledge to help maximize your tax efficiency in every part of your business. 

Get the Accountant You Need, When You Need Them

As you can imagine, it’s not efficient to hire a staff accountant for every possible type of accounting you need. That’s why we at Punch Financial provide as-needed bookkeeping and accounting services with plenty of CPA specialists to draw on. Get the expertise you need, when you need it. Each account is assigned a staff accountant, a Director, and a CFO.

Our mission is to help you streamline your back office and provide you with actionable data and reduce your overhead. Let’s connect to give you a customized quote and free consultation. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

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