Managing Cash Flow

Managing the inflow and outflow of cash of a business is one of the most difficult challenges a business owner faces. Since there are so many variables to track (payroll costs, operating expenses, fixed asset purchases) , a lot of business owners are not tracking this properly and it can cause major problems for them.

At Punch, we make sure you are regularly receiving cash flow statements and reviewing it with an experienced CFO. We analyze your cash inflows and outflows to provide you with your financial position timely. Our goal is to  help you understand how your money is being utilized and how efficiently. 

What We do:

Cash Flow Tracking

Each month, you receive a CFO-reviewed statement of cash flows that provides detailed information on cash outlays.

Managing Cash Burn

We assist in tracking and managing your burn rate so that you can understand your company’s financial health.

Banking and Merchant Processor Guidance

We can help you negotiate favorable contract terms with banks, merchant processors, and lending institutions.

Fraud Prevention

We implement internal processes that reduce the likelihood of fraud and take preventative measures against employee theft.


"We throw some of the biggest events in Southern California, so managing cash has been a huge endeavor for JJ-LA. Punch has been a lifesaver in giving me the data I need to make better business decisions"