At every step, we implement the right technology to help streamline your business operations. After all, the goal is to focus on your clients.

Most small business owners and founders are wasting from 10 to 15 hours per month doing tasks that could be streamlined with automation. Unfortunately, most “traditional” bookkeeping firms aren’t forward-thinking or technology savvy and therefore, they cannot help their clients save valuable time.  

Our primary goal is to implement strong operational processes paired with the right technology that saves you time. One of the systems we use is, an online accounts payable platform, to digitize your accounts payable process. This system allows you to log in once per week to approve the outstanding payables with the click of a button. 


What we do:

Seamless Accounts Payable

Online platforms such as allow us to digitally store vendor bills, remotely input AP every week, implement strong internal controls, and allow easy approval by management.

Effortless Payroll

We’ve partnered with payroll systems like Gusto to streamline payroll, employee on-boarding, and payroll data. Our goal is to save you money and time.

Technology Assisted Coding

We are using proprietary software to help us review transaction coding internally and provide you with seamless financial records.

Process Implementation

We help you grow your company by implementing strong financial processes that become the foundation of your company, as you scale.


"Punch saved me about 7 hours per month with their recommended technology stack. I didn't realize how much time we were wasting each month, until we started working with them".